Knitting with Seed Beads

October 18, 2015

Knitting with Seed Beads

Knitting with Beads

Using only garter stitch and small glass beads, Lithuanian knitters have traditionally created beautiful jeweled wrist warmer cuffs. The beads are strung onto the yarn before stitches are cast on for knitting. Many of these wristers are decorated with crochet trim stitches—worked with or without beads.

Seed beads are used for these wrist warmers. Seed beads are small, round beads made of glass. They come in different sizes, each of which is appropriate for knitting on a different weight of yarn. The sizes are numbered, and the smaller the number, the larger the beads. The number stands for how many beads fit into a linear inch.

Yarn Weight and Bead Size

  • Worsted Weight – Size 6/0
  • Sport or Fingering Weight – Size 8/0
  • Light Fingering Weight – 10/0
  • Heavy Lace Weight – 11/0

Bead Sizes Wristers

Top: Intermediate in fingering weight yarn with crochet trim and size 8/0 beads.
Middle: Beginner in worsted weight yarn with plain edges and size 6/0 beads.
Bottom: Advanced in heavy lace weight yarn with beaded picot trim and size 10/0 beads.

Lithuanian Knitting Techniques