Knitting Socks – Beyond the Pattern

Knitting Socks - Beyond the Pattern 1If you follow me at all, you know that I’ve really been into sock knitting lately. I have three online classes at Craftsy and I just recorded a Lithuanian Sock Knitting DVD with Interweave Press that is coming out in June. So needless to say, I was excited to get a reviewer’s copy of The Sock Knitter’s Handbook from Charlene Schurch & Beth Parrott recently. I could go on and on writing, but I’ve recorded an audio of my five-star review of this book for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Available from Martingale & Company in print and PDF formats, and in print from your LYS, Amazon and other online booksellers.

The Sock Knitter’s Handbook Review

Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the book! I’ll be pulling a winner on May 22.

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  1. I, too, love knitting socks. My family loves wearing them. As a matter of fact, my 6 year old grandson tells everyone: “My Granny knits my socks.” Needless to day, he keeps me busy.

  2. I was inspired by your book review. Now I learned knitting with my new socks patterns and color combination especially for kids. Thank you for sharing your ideas here. Oh by the way congratulation to the winner for the free copy..hahaha

  3. Just got out of bed to find out I won !
    Thank you very much.
    I’m looking forward to reading it and have sent you and email through your contact form :)

    Have a wonderful day

  4. The winner is Ferretmania!

    Please email me with your address so I can get the book mailed to you.


  5. I enjoyed the review of the book. U make me want to try my hand at knitting a pair of socks.

  6. They look so nice, I like the blue color very much. A must have book.

  7. Every time I knit a sock I learn something new, whether it be a heel turn, a twist on Kitchener stitch, a cast-on. And because socks are so portable I am learning new things and improving my skills all the time. The more references a knitter has, the better his/her knitting. Watching you, Donna, create socks, is like the magician and the disappearing lady: a mysterious sight that can be duplicated with a lot of practise and care.

  8. This looks like a great book!

  9. I am very excited to see this book released, would be even more excited to win a copy! I enjoy knitting sock and look for new hits and tips all the time!

  10. I couln’t say I am keen on knitting, but I love knitting something for a very very special people :) I tried to use books (I found some old ones on my Mom’s shelves), but they were too compilcated, so I usually use my intuition and imagination :D

  11. My name is Debbie and I’m addicted to sock knitting. I would love to win! gussek on Ravelry

  12. Sounds like a great sock reference book. I love to knit socks for so many reasons and am always looking for hints and tricks to improve my work. I am also looking forward to the release of your new sock DVD.

  13. I’ve been knitting so many socks recently, this would be so helpful!

  14. Thanks to your Craftsy class, I finally discovered the joy of knitting socks.
    This book sounds like a “must have” for all sock-knitting lovers.

  15. I was JUST thinking about knitting up some socks over the weekend, and this giveaway popped up on twitter! Thanks for sharing with us, would love to have a wonderful book like this to knit along with :)

  16. What a great book this looks to be! I love Donna’s work. Would surely love to win! Thanks for offering it!

  17. Socks.love that cover my feets!this book looks great!

  18. Meghan mulkerin 05/14/2012 at 5:49 pm Reply

    Thanks for running this contest! I am working on my third sock :)

  19. This looks like an awesome book. Want to tackle sock knitting next.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  20. My first pair of socks was from your knitting class Donna. They turned out so well. I love to knit socks, so easy and quicker than sweaters.

  21. Mlle Chausette 05/14/2012 at 3:32 pm Reply

    I knit socks, therefore I am. Ask anybody!

  22. Dwynwen Hopcroft 05/14/2012 at 3:19 pm Reply

    I was recently asking for sock book recommendations on Ravelry and someone mentioned this b

  23. I ♥ knitting socks!! Thanks Donna, for your review & tons of helpful info you share with us. :-)

  24. I’ve knitted a few pairs of socks lately on 2 circular needles – prevents different sized socks… thank you for your post and tips!

  25. I love knitting socks! I only ever do top down, need to learn toe up :)

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