15 Feb 2017

Our Knitting Roots Book Club Update 1

Ok, here’s the scoop! I needed a little more time for set up than I thought. (I am always doing too much at once!) So we will officially kick it off in March. At that time, I’ll create a new post for the book selections and knitting for that topic, and announce it here as well as other places. It’ll probably be every other month, so we have plenty of time for reading and knitting. And sometimes we will take a break in between, particularly if I have a month with travel and teaching.

I’ve created a Facebook group for the book club, for those who spend more time hanging out over there. I will put the same posts in the Ravelry threads as in the Facebook group, but of course the discussion will be different.

Why two places? I have people who want to participate who are not on Facebook, and some who are not on Ravelry (I know, shocking right?).

And if you want to be notified in email, you can sign up for that, too.

Our Knitting Roots Book Club Update 2

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One Response to Our Knitting Roots Book Club Update
  1. Just a heads up, the Rav link is broken. I found the place, so I’m good. Can’t wait to get started!

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