Knitting Lithuanian Socks with Donna Druchunas DVD

DVD is now available from Interweave.

Here’s a preview of my new Lithuanian Sock Knitting DVD from Interweave Press! See me in a video without makeup! LOL. This DVD workshop will be available soon and I consider it a preview for what will be in my book on Lithuanian knitting that should be out about a year from now! You an order the DVD at the Interweave site here.

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  1. wanda tompkins 06/23/2012 at 12:09 pm Reply

    I would like the book. Where can I buy it.

  2. Hey everyone, I answered your comments in email. Sorry I forgot to copy the answers here. :-(


  3. jpenglishkligys 06/05/2012 at 7:24 am Reply

    I did order this DVD on-line when you began to advertise it. As of now I have not received it. Could you please let me know if you received my order. Being Lithuanian myself, I am anxious to learn about this. Patricia

  4. Hello – re: Aunt Phebe’s Comfort Shawl I believe yarn used for this shawl is not available anymore :( Can you suggest any yarns that I can substitute this for? I want to make this Beautiful Shawl for my Mom’s Dearest Friend – who recently lost her husband only 5 days after my dad passed away. I soooo hope you can help me. Thanks for your help. Warmly, J. p.s. also, i’ve never knitted lacebefore, but my heart just melted when I saw this pattern – I’m a returning Knitter, about beginner/advanced beginner. I’m not very good at all w/choosing yarns. Hope you can help me.

  5. I am facinated by your lithuanian socks, but I see it on dvd not in book form. Is this compatabile for the UK? will you be bring out a book? and can I get this in the UK (book or DVD)? I love sokcs and am just starting to put more colour in my socks and this would be wonderful!
    yours in hope

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