Knitting Is My Passion…

“I knit all year, day in and day out. It is my passion.”
–Elizabeth Zimmerman

Donna Knitting


That’s EZ’s story, one that is familiar to most of us. My story is a little different. I knit in spurts, every day for a week or a month, then I get busy with other things. Sometimes I spend all of my free time reading (knitting books, novels, and history, mostly). Sometimes I dive in to my writing and forget to take time for anything else. Sometimes I have a lot of freelance work with short deadlines. But knitting is still my passion.

Stories In Stitches 1 ProjectsMy grandmother was a daily crafter. She worked on something creative, on making something, every day. Most of the time it was knitting, but sometimes she needed a break and she would put down her needles for a while and pick up a crochet hook or an embroidery needle or even sit down at her sewing machine. When she was older, she even took up ceramics. But she always came back to knitting. Knitting was her passion.

If you’re reading this, I bet that knitting is your passion, too. Indulge your passion with Stories In Stitches. Are you ready for a look inside?



In this first issue you will meet First Lady, Grace Coolidge, knitter, designer and baseball fan. Then we’ll travel to Geneva to a centuries-old flea market. And we’ll follow the trail of two mystery counterpanes found in a friend’s closet in Oregon. All of this to share the universal love of knitted counterpanes.

Ava’s Story: Sharing A Life in Knitting
Donna’s Story: Immortal Memories
Follow the Map
The Lady Doctor

Take Me out to the Ball Game
The story of a woman with a passion for knitting. And baseball.

Textile Treasures
A visit to a Geneva market.

PATTERNS (coming to Ravelry very soon!)

Grace Coolidge Counterpane

Pillow Sham

Triangle Shawl

Grace Motif

Mrs. Roetger’s Pillow Case Edging

Mrs. R's Edging

Geneva Counterpane

Pillow Sham



Geneva Motif

Many of the patterns we will be using were originally printed in language of their era. In some cases, we will include parts of that text in the story. Generally we will try to provide an easy-to-read format that will include: the experience level of the project, measurements, materials and tools required, gauge, definitions for special techniques, a tutorial for pattern stitches, written instructions, charts, and photographs.


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  1. Wow, that Geneva Counterpane made my heart skip a beat, it’s so beautiful!

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