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Let Freedom Ring: Belarusian Wrist Warmers

I’ve added my Belarusian Wrist Warmers pattern to my Ravelry store.   The original came out in Piecework magazine in 2011. Somehow it seems appropriate to re-publish this pattern at this time. I’ve created a PDF that includes an essay about textiles in Belarus and a stitch library of colorwork charts, as well as the […]

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Making a Living as a Knitting Designer

I’m in the process of revamping my knitting design business for about the third or fourth time. Unless you get a full-time job at a big yarn company or publisher, making a living with knitting is not a simple job. It’s a complex freelance career that requires wearing a lot of different hats (which is a good thing, […]


Things knitters should know

Hi designers and knitters, I am in a bad mood because someone was really mean to me in the questions on one of my online classes this morning. Also because I have found so many knitters who aren’t being taught the basic skills and knowledge they need to be successful in knitting. Knitters, please buy […]


Knitting in Lithuania’s ethnographical regions

Even though Lithuania is a relatively small country, about the same size as West Virginia, it has five ethnographic regions. Each region has a unique natural environment and historical economic base, the people speak a distinct dialect, and – most importantly to us – there were interesting differences in traditional knitting patterns and clothing styles […]