29 Mar 2017

There are so many reactions we have to take now—call about this, write about that, protest about this other thing. But being in reactive mode all the time is not healthy. What can you do that is a positive, unique, creative act that comes from within you and is not caused by something outside?

This year, I am working on projects about the history of knitting with a focus on the origins of the craft in the Middle East. I want to get more knitters to embrace not only the techniques and styles of knitting from all over the world, but the people who created and continue to create beautiful stitches all over the world.

  • Our Knitting Roots Knitty Column, coming Early Fall
  • Finding My Roots Through Knitting ebook, April
  • Our Knitting Roots Bookclub, open now
  • Vermont Summer Knitting Retreat, Finding Your Roots Through Knitting, open for registration

Just as America is falling into dark times with the current regime, it behooves us to remember that the darkness in other places is not coming from most of the people, but rather from politicians, religious leaders, and others in power who most often do not represent the majority.

We the people, in the USA and elsewhere, need to emanate light. Darkness is not a thing in an of itself, it is merely the absence of light.

Knit the Light 1

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