Knit from my stash? (Feb 25, 2007)

Knit from my stash? (Feb 25, 2007) 11) Habu “a-32b” mohair and silk from Japan! Wow, this stuff is gorgeous and so lightweight. I’ve been wanting to remake the Skeleton Scarf from Arctic Lace in mohair (because I gave the qiviut version to the test knitter as payment), and this yarn just called out to me. I didn’t feel too bad buying it, beacuse it was just two teensy-weensy balls. That’s really the allure and the deceiving quality of lace yarn — you can have enough to knit with for 30 years and it still only fills one drawer in your bureau. It’s a secret stash that doesn’t inspire guilt! I bought a natural color so I can dye it this summer with natural dyes.

Knit from my stash? (Feb 25, 2007) 22) Handspun Angora. I got this at Green Valley Weavers and Knitters in Colorado Springs (719-448-9963). It’s spun by Sharon Dalrymple of Woodlake Woolies (719-495- 3778). This yarn is so furry, touching it is like petting a real-live bunny. It has a very full halo, but it doesn’t seem to shed. I didn’t get fur all over me while knitting, although a little bit did fly off when I had to rip out a few rows. I bought some white and some in a tan color, both the natural colors of the bunnies. I’m making a wide- bordered scarf from Victorian Lace Today. My version looks completely different than the version in the book, which is made with a fine mohair, similar to the Habu. I bought too much, so I’ll have enough left to make a cozy neck gaiter, too. I just want this soft furry stuff near my face, what can I say?

Knit from my stash? (Feb 25, 2007) 33) GREENLAND QIVIUT! (Also in it’s natural color, it must be a trend for 2007.) This yarn is made in Denmark by Arnica Lykkegaard. Arnica lived in Greenland for eight years, and after returning to Denmark, has started her own line of qiviut yarn. This is the only qiviut yarn sold in Europe, and the only yarn made from the fiber of Greenland musk oxen. I ordered a kit for one of Arnica’s gorgeous shawls (because I couldn’t afford to buy the handknitted shawl). I’m including a large picture of the Fan Shawl so you can see the gorgeous detail. Arnica sells yarn, kits, patterns, and finished items.  Check out my book about Qiviut called Arctic Lace. Repost from Post on 25 Feb 2007 by Donna

Knit from my stash? (Feb 25, 2007) 4

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