Knit Companion Iphone/Ipad app

I am finding myself using this App more and more. It takes your PDF and presents it into a formated knitting pattern that you can edit. Try it out.

knitCompanion turns your library of PDF patterns into highly interactive knitting instructions!  Its knitter inspired design enables you to interact with your patterns like never before. You keys, counters, reminders and other critical information are at your fingertips all the time, no matter what part of the pattern you are knitting from. NO FLIPPING! Instructions and charts that span pages are easily combined into a single “Piece” for seamless knitting and no complex tracking across pages or to keep your place.

Check it out here.

Knit Companion Iphone/Ipad app 1


Knit Companion Iphone/Ipad app 2


Knit Companion Iphone/Ipad app 3

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