05 Jan 2017

No, that’s not a typo. It’s a get together for 200 knitters in Lexington, Massachusetts. But don’t stop reading if you don’t live there!

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Knit200Together: Knitting Together a Divided America

The stresses of the 2016 US presidential election brought to light the polarization that exists within and between our communities. Wars of hurtful and hateful memes and arguments continue to rage across social media, while opposing views shatter formerly close personal relationships, and in the weeks following the vote, the situation has not improved.

Maura Pfeifer, an international educator and knitter, is making a much needed change in her community and beyond. Together with knitters and others seeking to strengthen their communities in the face of divisiveness, Knit200Together (K200Tog) was born. The inaugural event will be held at Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, Massachusetts on February 11, 2017 from 1-5 p.m.

K200Tog is an event that will bring together a diverse group of 200 knitters from across the greater Boston, Massachusetts area to build connections that transcend the barriers of race, language, religion, culture, gender, sexuality, and politics through a shared love of fiber arts. The event provides the opportunity for members of the fiber arts community to make a tangible difference in building a stronger and more inclusive community. Yet, since this need is not unique to Boston, Maura is excited by the possibility of seeing K200Tog brought to communities worldwide.

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When asked about her motivation for founding K200Tog, Maura Pfeifer said: “Instead of being resigned to an almost certain future of worsening division and segregation on both a national and international scale, I wanted to create opportunities for communities of diverse individuals to come together around a common passion, such as knitting in this case. Having spent nearly a decade living internationally, I’ve seen first-hand how having a shared interest creates chances for people who wouldn’t normally interact to spend time together and share about their lives, in turn creating new connections and giving birth to new communities. Now more than ever, I believe that taking a stand for connection, understanding, and respect is of critical importance.”

Maura’s purpose in life is to help people to transcend the barriers of race, language, culture, religion, gender, sexuality, and politics, and in doing so come to value and respect each other’s shared humanity. Among her greatest joys are working in the field of international education and knitting fabulous things with amazing yarn for those she loves. She has lived in six countries on three continents and speaks Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese with varying degrees of proficiency. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, learning, exploring, drinking fabulous tea, and winning public speaking competitions.

Click here for free tickets.

After this event, Maura will be working to set up a guideline for others to create similar events around the country. I can’t wait!

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