Just bought a 1940s Japanese Knitting book!

Just bought a 1940s Japanese Knitting book! I’ll post more pictures when I get it, but it has more text and fewer drawings than today’s Japanese books. I wonder when the wonderful format they use today became popular.


Title Vintage Knitting Book
Publication Year 1947
Author Tomiko takagi

1-6 photo and illustration section
7-102 text section(pattern section)
Various kinds of wonderful items included

This book has a lot of colorful photos and illustratons in it.Even if you don’t understand Japanese,they will help you understand.

Softcover approx 120 pages.

If you are interested in Japanese style handicraft,it is a great collection for you!

Yellowing and stains onthe cover and page.It is in good condition.

  1. I want to see as well , what are there look like
    I don’t understand Japanese

    • No need to understand Japanese if you can learn how to find all the numbers you need on the drawings, and how to knit from the charts, you only need to recognize about a half-dozen Japanese written words.

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