Craft Cruises and knitting

Join me on my next cruise in May of 2012 in Alaska.  Musk Ox & Denali tour.

Go to CraftCruises.com and sign up TODAY. Be sure to use code #R0901-U21615

Craft Cruises and knitting 1

What to expect on a Knitting cruise Our knitting cruises combine two favorite past times: cruising and knitting. Traveling is one life's of greatest escapes because it gives us time to unwind and experience the world. Knitting allows us to express creativity while promoting better health through stress reduction and relaxation. Come join us on one of our knitting cruises and leave your worries in our wake. Our enriching knitting cruises allow you to improve your skills while visiting some of the most interesting ports in the world. Each day you will experience something new. Unlike most knitting retreats, with our knitting cruises you are pampered onboard a beautiful cruise ship. While you are cruising from one amazing port to the next you will have the opportunity to take classes with some of the most sought after knitting instructors in the knitting world. Our knitting cruises provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself without having to worry about anything except having a good time. Go to CraftCruises.com and sign up TODAY. Be sure to use code #R0901-U21615


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