09 Mar 2017

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We’re discussing House of Stone by Anthony Shadid. Here’s one of the discussion topics:

Do immigrants assimilate? One of the reasons given by many conservatives and other fearful Americans for not wanting Muslims to move to the USA is that they don’t, won’t, or can’t assimilate. Have immigrants in the past assimilated? How? How much? How quickly? In my experience, it takes three generations for assimilation to happen: Immigrants are people of the “old country.” Their children live in two worlds. Their grandchildren are American.

Does this match your experience or observation? What path to becoming American did your family take? What does it even mean to be American? Is assimilation a good thing (to build solidarity, for example), or is it a bad thing (forced conformity, for example)?

This is my great-great grandmother, my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and me. At what point do we “look like” Americans?

Immigrants and Assimilation 1

Tzivia, Sarah, Ruth, Joyce, and Donna

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