I’m Supporting a Historic Knitting Pattern

I'm Supporting a Historic Knitting Pattern 1Hi everyone! If you’re on this site, you have probably figured out that I love history and knitting. And historic knitting. And knitting history.

My friend, knitting designer and essayist Rohn Strong, is working on a new art book about WWI and WWII knitting. And he’s asking for us to support him through Kickstarted. I did and I hope you will too.





Here’s the skinny:

Knitting For Victory will examine, in a series of essays, the role the Production Corps played in supporting our military and aiding our allied forces during WWI and WWII. The book will also include twenty-five knitting patterns inspired by military issued designs from both World Wars.

“I want to pass this information to my generation,” said Rohn Strong, author and designer of Knitting For Victory, “It is important for me to make certain the knitting community will never forget the extraordinary response to war seen by these men, women, and children who fought on the home-front.”

I'm Supporting a Historic Knitting Pattern 2“Knitting for Victory aims to not just educate but to offer new patterns that I hope will continue to live on while giving homage to those classic patterns.”

Kickstarter, founded in 2009, is a crowd-sourcing platform that helps creative projects come to life. The platform is powered by an all-or-nothing funding method; projects must hit their predetermined funding goal before any money changes hands.

To thank users for their contributions, Knitting For Victory, has devised several tiers of rewards, ranging from PDF copies of patterns, to Knitting for Victory Sock Kits, to a once in a lifetime trip to the WWII Museum in Louisiana.

Individuals can read about the project, view the pitch video and support the project at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rohnstrong/knitting-for-victory-wwi-and-wwii.

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