ChickInspiration Sweater Kit

An Icelandic
Yoke Sweater Project

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 22

Donna got chickens! Of course, being a knitting designer and indie dyer, I started having ideas about projects inspired by my feisty hens.

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 23

We call it the “chicken sweater”. Natural colors are based on our backyard chicken colors. You’ll receive 10-16 skeins of custom-spun Vermont wool Several sizes available for purchase.

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6 Bust Sizes Available
 S-4/5x | Bust size 40″-65″ (101.5cm-165.5cm)

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 23
About the Pattern & Sizes

For Intermediate to expert knitters.

S (M, L, XL, 2/3X 4/5X)

40 (44, 47, 53, 58, 65)”
101.5 (112, 119.5, 134.5, 147.5, 165)cm bust/chest

Yarn amounts:
Approx 60% MC (marled), 20% CC1 (solid) and 20% CC2 (undyed)
10 (11, 12, 13, 14, 16) 95g skeins (# yards/# meters)

Prices include enough yarn to make these sizes.

95 gram skeins | Marled | Solid | Natural white | 100% wool | 3ply DK yarn | 255yds per skein | Hand wash, dry flat.

More Photos of Finished Project
ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 26
ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 27
ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 28
ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 29
ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 30
About the Sweater Style

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 31

Each section of the yoke is knitted without decreases. A few plain rows worked between the charts allow you to de-crease without interrupting the stitch pattern.

Charts will be provided but you can also design your own motifs!
Color patterns in bands on yoke only.
Lower body and sleeves worked in the round to the  armholes, then joined so the yoke can also be worked in the round.
Yoke decreases are worked between pattern bands.
Finishing? Just sew two short seams at the underarms!

What Size Am I?

Small | 40″ 101.5cm bust/chest
Medium | 44″ 112cm bust/chest
Large | 47″ 119.5cm bust/chest
XL | 53″134.5 cm bust/chest
2/3x | 58″ 147.5cm bust/chest
4/5x 65″ 165.5cm bust/chest

Amount of skeins determined by size chosen (10-16 skeins).
Yarn: 100% Wool | Cate Hill Farm (Made in Vermont)
Yarn Weight: DK 3ply
Yards: 255 yds per skein
Care: Hand wash, dry flat

PDF Book Included

You will receive a PDF copy of Ethic Knitting Exploration: Lithuania, Iceland, and Ireland

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 32

Ethnic Knitting Exploration: Lithuania, Iceland and Ireland, Donna Druchunas.

Ethnic Knitting Exploration teaches you how to design sweaters in yoke, raglan, and saddle-shoulder shapes, working with patterning ideas and techniques from Lithuania (color), Iceland (color), and Ireland (cables and texture). The book has recipes, instead of patterns, so you can work to your own gauge and choose your own pattern stitches and colors. It provides three ways for you to design each project: a visual plan, a spreadsheet, and detailed instructions. Each chapter also includes historical notes and knitting charts.

Natural Colors

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 33

Too much wool lies unused and wasting away in Vermont barns where shepherds raise sheep for meat. This particular wool that Katie from Cloverworks Farm in Albany, Vermont discovered on one of her wool searching expeditions was 3/4 white and 1/4 natural colored wool, perfect for a special one-off project.

The mill spun solid white and marled yarn (if there had been more naturally colored yarn, we would have added a solid dark yarn as well). We had 200 lbs of wool especially made for this project and I will be custom dying the three colors for you.

The yarn has a soft, cushy, fluffy, feel to it and you would have no problem having this yarn touching your skin. It’s an all-purpose fiber that takes dye well and exhibits a natural sheen. We love this glossy, lovely wool.

Cate Hill Farm is a sheep dairy and heirloom apple orchard in Greensboro Bend, VT. Josh Karp and Maria Schumann host farm-sings and interactive nature activities on their gorgeous farm.

ChickInspiration Sweater Kit 23

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Chickinspiration Icelandic Sweater – Yarn Kit


6 Sizes Available.
All prices include:

  • Enough yarn for your size selected (10-16 skeins)
  • PDF book Ethic Knitting Exploration by Donna Druchunas
  • Printed ChickInspiration Icelandic yoke sweater pattern by Donna Druchunas.
  • 5 pre-recorded Youtube videos to help you move along in your project.
  • Designer Donna Druchunas will be here to answer your questions.
  • Shipping is included for US & Canada

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