02 Feb 2017

I knit because…


The world needs beauty, warmth, and softness. Some days it seems as if there is nothing left but ugly, cold, hard selfishness. Knitting is my way to combat that. But I don’t want to use words of war. Knitting is my way to soothe that, to blanket that, to melt the ice. Knitting is my way to cuddle. Knitting is my way to comfort.

I knit because I learned from my grandmother and it’s fun. I have always made things and I always will. I don’t know why knitting stuck more than crocheting or sewing or embroidery. I don’t know why knitting stuck more than candle making or wood carving. But here I am with two needles and a ball of yarn making something. Knitting is my magic. It takes an idea, a thought, and makes it into something real and tangible in the world. While others make bombs, I make blankets. While others make tanks, I make hats. While others make disposable plastic packaging, I make heirloom wool sweaters.

I knit because... 1

I knit because... 2

I knit to keep the world from falling apart. Can that really work? I have no idea. I wrote a fairy tale (PDF) for Stories In Stitches 4 that talks about knitting the world together — how the process of making things can save us from the greed and waste of capitalism. Is it true? Perhaps, if we get enough people onboard. Perhaps, if we can use our knitting to spread a message. Perhaps, if we continue to wear pink pussyhats and knit the resistance, yarn bomb our world, and spread warmth and hope… perhaps then knitting can hold the world together.

I knit because... 3I knit because I get anxious if my hands are still. I used to be able to sit on the couch, doing nothing, staring into space. Now I need something to keep my hands busy to enter that state of being. And knitting gives me that. It keeps me occupied just enough to distract me from the cares of the world, and gives me enough freedom—because I am skilled—to not pay attention to the knitting. I can enter a dream state. Daydreaming is something we don’t do enough. We don’t engage in being, in resting, in letting our minds wander. Don’t put anything in. See what comes out.

I knit because... 1I knit because I love the feeling of the needles in my hands and the soft, luxurious yarn flowing through my fingers. I love looking at what I’m making, admiring my work. Knitting is a type of 3D printing. It is older than dirt and newer than tomorrow’s news. Knitting is eternal—the ability to make something from nothing. A sheep. A plant. My hands. A process. And eventually I have a shawl.

I knit because it is a slow process and I am often moving too quickly. I grew up in New York and I can’t help but move quickly. I get things done. People think I don’t sleep (I do, 9 hours a night). People think I work all the time (I don’t, 6 hours a day, often less). People think I am prolific. I guess that’s true. I put a lot of stuff out there in the world. But that’s because it’s who I am.

I make.

I savor.

I share.

That is why I knit.

All of the photos in this post are of my Berry Pi shawl. KAL starts February 14, 2017. The Pattern is on Ravelry. The Kit is on Craftsy. Coupon code BERRYPI2017 gets a discount on both.I knit because... 5

Berry Pi is a pi-shawl in two sizes: Regular and Deep Dish. It’s worked with very meshy double-yarn over patterns set off in solid areas of stockinette stitch for a strong, bold statement. Made in sport-weight alpaca, it’s warm even though it’s got so much openwork.

Berry Pi Pattern on Ravelry.
Coupon: BERRYPI2017
On sale for $5 until the KAL begins.

Berry Pi Kits on Craftsy.

Coupon: BERRYPI2017 
Save 40% off the full retail price of the Berry Pi Shawl Knitting Kit. Limit 1 per customer. Coupon cannot be combined with other coupons. Expires February 28, 2017.
What You’ll Learn 
  • Options for casting on at the center of a circular shawl. 
  • Basic construction of a pi shawl. 
  • Lace patterns with double yarn-overs. 
  • Working allover patterns and motifs with repeats. 
  • Working a perpendicular lace border.


  • Now: Order yarn and make a gauge swatch. 
  • Feb 14: Cast on and work the center and first mesh ring. 
  • Feb 21: Work double yarn-over circles ring. 
  • Feb 28: Work the second mesh ring. 
  • March 7: Begin the outer ring with double yarn-over diamonds. 
  • March 14 (USA Pi Day 3.14): Begin the border. 
  • July 22 (EU Pi Day 22/7): Everyone finished?

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