I Discovered new yarns in 2011 (#2).

[one_half]Next 2011 yarn discovery: String Theory Yarns. Yummy! I wasn’t going to look at yarn we were in port in Bar Harbor, ME during the knitting cruise I was teaching on last October but DH talked me into going to the String Theory special sale. OMG such fabulous colors and scrumptious yarns. I couldn’t resist buying a lineup of sock yarn to make a feather-and-fan cardigan for myself. It will be a top down design, starting with black at the neck and fading through various shades of teal until it’s a robin-egg shade at the hem. The depth of color in the yarns is what really got my attention, subtle shadings and variations, almost like you are looking through a stained glass window. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen yarns with this type of color transparency before, and I was hooked. http://www.stringtheoryyarn.com/[/one_half] [one_half_last]
I Discovered new yarns in 2011 (#2). 1
Discovery String Theory (Click to enlarge)


UPDATE: Incidentally, there’s another String Theory Yarn company in Illinois. You can check out their stuff too. I really want to get to teach in Chicago soon and you can bet this will be on my list of places to visit if it’s not too far. 

I Discovered new yarns in 2011 (#2). 2

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