26 Jul 2019

Hi! I feel like I’ve deserted you. I was in Lithuania for 3 weeks, then down with a cold and jet lag. But before I left for my trip, we got everything ready for box 3 so it’s going to ship next week. All I have to do is make some videos for you because this project has some really cool techniques in it. You are going to love it.

Here’s a little peek at one of our days in Lithuania. I know it’s off topic, but I was so inspired on this trip, that I’ve decided to make the 2021 club theme all about Lithuanian folklore. Yes, 2021! The 2020 theme will be about finding our knitting roots, so for me that ties into Lithuania too, as well as many other things. I’m super excited about both of these future ideas. But now, back to Maria Sibylla Merian and butterflies! She’s an amazing source of inspiration, too.

Hi! Ready for box 3? 1

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3 Responses to Hi! Ready for box 3?
  1. I’m still waiting!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Looks like your package will get there this Thursday. Here is the tacking number for USPS.com.



    • It came this morning! Its wonderful! I opened it up at knitting group. Everybody was envious. Some took down your address…you may be getting some inquiries!

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