09 Mar 2017

Do Good + Win a Qiviut Cowl 1I’m working with a new friend, Annie Wenstrup, to raise money for International Rescue Committee, an organization that supports refugees from Syria. Annie’s knit this beautiful qiviut cowl that will go to one of  you who donate to the IRC in March.

To enter to win the cowl, just make your donation here, via this Crowdwise donation page that we’ve put together.

Here’s a message from Annie:

Hello! I’m Annie Wenstrup and I am so excited by this opportunity to partner with Donna to fundraise for the International Rescue Committee. The IRC’s mission statement is to help people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and regain control of their future.

The New York Times declared last winter that the IRC is the gold standard in providing aid to refugees. Out of every dollar donated to the IRC 90 cents goes directly to aid work. You can read more about the IRC and its work here and here.

Do Good + Win a Qiviut Cowl 2I’ve been heartbroken while watching the news and seeing coverage of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. As a mother I’ve been haunted by the images of young children seeking safety and asylum from conflict. I’ve felt powerless and outraged by the current administration’s stance on refugees and immigrants. Closing our borders in the face of the largest humanitarian crisis and turning our back on those who seek our help is wrong. I believe that compassion is the antidote to the despair that plagues our world and I am deeply troubled that as a nation we are implementing policies based on fear rather than the better angels of our nature.

As a knitter I’ve struggled to decide how I want to use my craft in service of the community that I live in. I’ve been inspired by the craftivist community coming together with the Pussy Hat Project, with the outpouring of support for Resist patterns on Ravelry and the conversations taking place online about craft as political speech.

Do Good + Win a Qiviut Cowl 3This cowl was knit a symbol of creating rather than destroying. Estonian Lace has always captured my imagination and the lace repeat is an adaptation of the Immortal Flowers chart found in The Knitted Shawls of of Aasa Jõelaid. I modified it and added double nupps inside the center of the flowers. As a result of this modification the nupps look like hearts. This cowl contains my hopes for a more peaceful world, one that celebrates diversity. It’s knit out a qiviut silk blend and is extremely warm in spite of its laciness and light weight. It was knit with the belief that as a community, country and world that we are better and stronger together and that differences do not have to divide us.

As a knitter I believe that it’s possible to use the act of creation to make the world a better, more compassionate place. It’s important to me that my time and energy goes into work that is meaningful, work that strengthens the bonds between people. I believe that what I create with my own two hands can help make the world a better place. Thank you for your help and your support.

To enter to win the cowl, just make your donation here, via this Crowdwise donation page that we’ve put together.

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