* Getting Serious About Deadlines *

Hi, everyone.

* Getting Serious About Deadlines *  1I just wanted to let you know that I’m on deadline.

Yep. I’m working my ass off on a deadline for my day job next Tuesday, a translation job that’s due at the end of March, and then I am going off the grid to complete my new book by April 30th. I really need to focus to pull this one off.

I won’t be able to talk during the week because I’ll be working on my day job PLUS writing and knitting from Mondays to Fridays. I won’t be taking on new projects, and you won’t see me on Facebook or Twitter as much as usual (ha ha, I know). My emails will be brief to save my time and yours; I will respond, but it may not be immediately.

I’m determined to complete these big projects and to do whatever it takes meet my deadlines. And I need to be done so I can enjoy spending the summer at home, and out on the boat, with my hubby. Thanks for understanding and for cheering me on! (And thanks to Cynthia for inspiring me to write this letter.)

Donna, from the Deadline Zone (please hum the twilight zone song now)

  1. Donna

    Thanks! Nose to the grind….

  2. Avatar

    Donna in the Deadline Zone,
    Thanks for sharing this! It’s a great model for how to create and sustain focus for the sake of completion.

    I hope you have exquisite chocolate, fine wine, plenty of coffee and chai, and whatever else nurtures you to keep and enjoy your focus!

    You can do it! I’m in the DZ with you!

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