Free Pattern: Pink Baby Hat

I designed this adorable hat to make use of two skeins of yarn I had, one was Aran-weight wool, the other was a furry novelty yarn.

A friend of mine was having a baby,and the two skeins of yarn became the perfect gift.

Small 0-6 mos (Medium 6-18 mos, Large 18mos-4yrs)


Finished measurement
Approx 15-1/2 (18, 20) inches/40 (46, 51)cm

200 yards Aran weight wool yarn
100 yards fur novelty yarn
Size 8 (5mm) 16-inch circular and double-pointed needles, or size to obtain gauge

18 sts = 4 rows

With circular needle and wool yarn, cast on 70 (80, 90) sts. Place marker. Join and knit in the round.
Knit every round until hat measures 1″/2.5cm.

Body of Hat
Turn work inside out.
(Note, this will leave a small hole. Sew it up when you weave in the ends.)
Join fur yarn.
Knit every round, following this stripe pattern:

2 rounds wool
2 rounds fur
1 round wool

2 rounds fur
3 rounds wool
4 rounds fur

Repeat stripe pattern once more.

Cut fur yarn.
Continue working in wool yarn until hat measures about 4-1/2 (5, 6-1/4) inches/12 (13, 16 cm).

Begin decrease rounds, changing to double pointed needles when the work is stretched too tightly around the circular.

Round 1: K5 (6, 7), k2tog around–60 (70, 80) sts.
Round 2 (and all even rounds): Knit.
Round 3: K4 (5, 6), k2tog around–50 (60, 70) sts.
Round 5: K3 (4, 5), k2tog around–40 (50, 60) sts.
Round 7: K2 (3, 4), k2tog around–30 (40, 50) sts.
Round 9: K1 (2, 3), k2tog around–20 (30, 40) sts.
Round 11: K0 (1, 2), k2tog around–10 (20, 30) sts.
Round 13: K0 (0, 1), k2tog around–5 (10, 20) sts.
Round 15 (med and large only): k2tog around. Medium now has 5 sts rem.
Round 17 (large only): k2tog around. Large now has 5 sts rem.

K2tog. You now have 4 sts. Work I-cord on these 4 sts as follows:

*K4. Do not turn. Slide sts to other end of double-pointed needle.
Repeat from * until cord measures 1″/2.5cm.

Bind off.
Weave in ends.


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