Free Pattern: Fingerless Gloves for Hand Health

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These make good gifts, for friends, loved ones, or as donations to homeless shelters or any place that collects warm woolies for those in needs. I especially like the idea of giving pretty gifts like these to single moms at the holidays. Chances are they’ve spent any spare change the could dig up on gifts for their children, and didn’t have a dime left to treat themselves to an ounce of luxury.Free Pattern: Fingerless Gloves for Hand Health 1

Women’s S (M, L), to snugly fit a hand that measures 7 (7.5, 8) inches around the base of the fingers, just above the crotch of the thumb.

Finished Measurements
5.5 (6.5, 7) inch circumference

These gloves should fit snugly. If you’d like them to be a bit looser, go up a needle size and work at a slightly looser gauge.

Approx 150 yards of worsted weight wool or wool blend yarn.

A small amount of faux fur yarn, 12 or 15 yards should be ample.

I used Plymouth Galway Worsted (100% Wool, 210 yds/100g ball) and Furlauro (100% Nylon, 82 yds/50g ball)

Set of 4 or 5 size 8 U.S. double pointed needles

5 sts = 1 inch over St st using worsted-weight wool yarn

With fur, CO 28 (32, 36) sts. Distribute sts evenly on 3 dpns. Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist sts. Use yarn tail to keep track of the end of the rnds.

K 3 rnds.

Change to wool yarn and beging 1×1 twisted rib patt as follows:

Rnd 1: *K1 through back loop to twist stitch, purl 1. Rep from * around.Free Pattern: Fingerless Gloves for Hand Health 2

Rep rnd 1 for patt.

Work in rib as est until cuff meas 2 1/2 inches or desired length to wrist.

Hand and Thumb Gore
Change to St st and AT THE SAME TIME begin thumb gore as follows:

Rnd 1: K1, p1, m1, k1, m1, p1, k to end of round.

Rnd 2: K1, p1, k to next p, p1, k to end of round.

Rnd 3: K1, p1, m1, k to next p, m1, p1, k to end of rnd.

Rep rnds 2 and 3 until you have 9 (9, 11) sts between purls.

Work even in St st, maintaining columns of purls on the sides of the thumb gore as est until hand reaches the crotch of your thumb. Glove should measure approx 5 (5.5, 6)” from CO edge.

Place 2 purls and 9 (9, 11) thumb gore sts on a piece of scrap yarn. CO 3 sts over gap and knit 4 rnds in St st.

Change to 1×1 twisted rib. Work 6 rnds of twisted rib. BO loosely.

Put 11 (11, 13) sts on hold for thumb onto dpns. Pick up 3 sts over gap at base of thumb–14 (14, 16) sts.

Knit 1 rnd, decreasing 2 sts–12 (12, 14) sts.

Work 6 rnds of 1×1 twisted rib. BO loosely.

Weave in ends, closing holes at sides of the base of the thumb if necessary.
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