19 Jan 2017

Just in time for anti-inauguration day, here’s my new free ebook, Knitting as a Political Act. It includes four of my polictially-motivated patterns, but It’s not just a pattern ebook, but a collection of ideas, tips, and activities you can use in your life to protest injustice and work for causes you believe in.

Free Ebook: Knitting as a Political Act 1People knit for so many different reasons. Some of us knit to relax or meditate and calm our minds. Some of us knit to make beautiful things for ourselves, our friends, and our families. Some knit for charity, to give warmth and love to those in need. Some of us knit to learn new things or to keep our hands and brains active. Over the years, I have knit for all of these reasons. But now, I find that I also want to knit as a way to engage in politics. I believe that whatever we do for love, whatever we are passionate about, can be used not only for fun and relaxation, but also to share messages about our values and to start conversations about important issues facing our nation, states, and local cities and towns. I hope you’ll join me in a journey of using our knitting for social justice, peace, and hope in a world that seems to have gone awry.

Download Knitting as a Political Act now from Ravelry. Enjoy! Share! Knit! Resist!

We are stronger together.

Free Ebook: Knitting as a Political Act 2

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4 Responses to Free Ebook: Knitting as a Political Act
  1. Thank you so much for the ebook! I only had time to knit 6 Pussyhats for friends going to The March. Now I’m going to knit Pussyhat pins, inspired by the Pussyhat Brooch on Ravelry.

    • Fantastic. And I’m posting some ideas about other little things we can knit and spread around publicly with messages about social justice, climate change, and other things in my next post. It’s in my notebook so now I just have to type it up and get photos!

  2. This horrible moment in our country’s, our world’s, history has been brought to us by those of us who DID resist earlier — in the Civil Rights momvent, in the peace movement. Open housing, finally finally peace in Vietnam, integrated schools, etc. Know what happened? We had kids and became complacement. My first political act (a sit-in at a lunch counter — still have burn marks on my thighs where they poured the hot soup) I was only 11. I think I panicked at the idea of anyone doing that to one of my children, so I went into hiding out survival (for them) mode.
    And look what happened! We began to have our abortions rights chipped away, until now we are not even masters of our own genitalia. Integrated schools have almost disappeared, replaced by segregated “neighborhood” schools, Peace in Vietnam only led to war after war after war.
    This time we CANNOT let this mindset — like we won? like we don’t have to be eternally vigilant — turn our brains to mush again. We cannot pretend we can accomplish anything, if we wait for others to do it. We cannot pretend that compassionate conservatism exists, that the Congress will be suddenly seized with remorse for taking health insurance from millions of people who’ve never had it. We cannot pretend that the last 8 years weren’t in large part the result of blatant racism.
    Thank you Donna for being one of the voices to wake us up.

    • Thanks for the comments. I’m sorry I didn’t get to write a more detailed reply but this political stuff has been making me crazy. I’m learning how to balance it with self care and downtime to stay sane!

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