11 Dec 2016

I’ve been visited recently by a houseguest I haven’t heard from since the 1970s, when I lived on Long Island and slept in my childhood bedroom. On summer nights when the windows were open, I would lie awake and imagine I heard Soviet troops marching up the hill from the harbor to our town. In school we had taken to the halls, away from windows, kneeled on the floor and covered our heads, practicing in case we’d ever be bombed by the Russians. Fear followed me home and became a constant houseguest. In winter, I would walk around in my back yard, trees leafless, dormant grass crunching under my feet as I walked across the frozen soil, and I knew that everyone else was dead. I was the only survivor of the Russian attack. 

Fear the Bear 1

In the last several weeks, this visitor, Fear of Russia, has been staying with me again. But now with the CIA confirming that Russia and Putin were behind an attack on the US election in direct support of Trump, a new house guest has arrived. Courage. I have finally, after 54 years, found something I am willing to die for. I will march in protest. I will fight. I will put myself at risk. I will go to jail. I will be beaten or killed. It is worth it to stand up to tyranny and resist a direct attack on everything I’ve held “sacred” for my whole life — liberty, freedom, democracy, equality. This is what I was taught America stands for. I never thought I was a patriot but I guess I am. I am willing to give my life.

But in reality, I will probably not have to do that (knock on wood) but I will definitely be dedicating several hours every week working on activism and my Knitting as a Political Act project to help engage knitters in protest and activism, giving you ideas of how you, too, can make a sacrifice to save what is worth saving in our world.

Fear may visit us, but she will not control us.

Here’s what you can do now:

Contact your representatives immediately. (Here’s where to find their phone numbers and addresses.) Yesterday, I just sent email to my senators and congressman. I am going to call their offices on Monday. You can also mail letters, but that is slower. Phone calls are the most powerful. This is what I am saying. Please do the same and feel free to cut and paste and share this everywhere.

Dear Title Name,

Now that it looks like there’s plenty of proof that Russia and Putin were involved in getting Donald Trump elected (not to mention all of his conflicts of interests, disregard for the constitution, hate speech, etc.), isn’t there a legal way to stop him from being inaugurated? Doesn’t our country have systems in place to prevent this kind of tragedy?

Thank you.

There are other online petitions and ways to voice your support, but with so little time left before the electoral college votes, I think we need to all be calling our representatives and voicing our concerns on the phone.

  • Support the Hamilton Electors who are trying to gain the cooperation of enough electors to make sure Donald Trump does not get 270 votes. Again, call your representatives and the White House and ask them to release the classified CIA info to the electors or to postpone the electoral college vote until after the investigation is over so that the electors have the info the need to make the right choice when voting.
  • Sign the Change.org petition to delay the electoral college vote until the investigation on Russian influence is finished.
  • Share this information on social media, email and call your friends. Get everyone you know contacting their representatives and making a stink.
  • Find out if there is a protest or vigil near you this week. People are hitting the streets in New York and in many other places. Be seen. Be heard.
  • Go to your State House on December 19 (the day electors vote), and show support for electors to “Vote Your Conscience.”
  • Keep knitting Pussyhats to wear and join the closest Women’s March on January 21st (search Facebook events to find the march in your area). Whoever ends up being President, we still will have a lot to fight for women’s rights with a Republican-led House and Senate.


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