FALL COLORS: Yarn Shops in Vilnius Redux

Yarn shop crawl part 2, a photo essay. After having lunch with a friend today, we stopped to see what was in the building marked Halės Turgus (The Halle Market) and found lots of food, clothes, shoes, and yarn! And on the way home, went into Casa Lana, a shop I’ve wanted to visit again on this trip but hadn’t gotten around to. Between the two, we saw yarn in the windows of at least a half-dozen clothing, sewing, and second-hand shops as well. Vilnius is a knitting Mecca! Enjoy this rainbow of wool and linen and acrylic… because whatever you are looking for, it’s here. Whether you love Noro, are lusting for German & Italian yarns, need some inexpensive acrylic for charity knitting or an afghan, or want to try out some local Baltic wool and linen, you can find it here in Vilnius.
Originally posted Oct 2010

Check out my new book being released October, 2015.

Check out my new book being released October, 2015

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