Plus a quick look at Successful Lace Knitting reviews.

M. Poller:


Donna discovered the little known pioneering work of Dorothy Reade in the field of lace knitting patterns. Dorothy developed her own charting system for lace patterns using mainly just 10 symbols. Her first book published in 1968 was spiral bound with 25 original designs for lace knitting and cost $4.50. I bought that book years ago at Knitting camp. Donna contacted 16 designers giving to each one a pattern of Dorothy’s and asked them to design a knitting project using that lace pattern. Donna begins with a short biography of Dorothy and then an intro to her lace knitting patterns and finally an explanation of the techniques used. All the 20 designs have been written out but with charts in a more modern chart used today. First project is an actual stole designed by Dorothy Reade. There are 4 more shawls. Also included are socks and hand warmers, baby cardi and blankie, wimple, 5 sweaters, afghan, etc. Yarns used also vary from the finest to chunky. Book includes designer bios and index. Book is rewarding on two levels: first as good knitting history and second for the lovely projects. Recommended to all.

L. M. McCormick:


I am so happy that I purchased this new book by Donna Druchunas! I live in Alaska and have taken her Arctic Lace class, which has set me on a path to higher levels of lace knitting. One of my fiber friends, Alice Scherp, has the most beautiful item in this book, a Quiviut lace shawl. Handspun, hand dyed, and handknit, it is a testimony to the ageless beauty of lace, and to Alice’s skill and willingness to teach and share her patterns with us.

Ann McCauley:


This is Donna Druchunas doing what she does best! Her respect for history is to be honored just as she has honored Dorothy Reade bringing her name, many contributions, and remarkable spirit to light. The original photos of Dorothy Reade and her work are delightful to see. Donna does not only present us with Dorothy Reade’s accomplishments and approaches to knitting, she also gives us a sense of Dorothy as a strong and fascinating person. The 20 new designs by contemporary designers utilizing lace stitch motifs from Dorothy Reade are quite varied from socks to shawls to sweaters to afghans and more. Another unique book from Donna Druchunas!