One of the most common bits of advice I see for writers is “write everyday”…. it’s a rule I don’t obey.

14kn05bI have a better rule. Maybe it doesn’t apply to writers. But my rule is “knit lace every day”! If this is a rule you could sign up for, then you will definitely want to check out the new book Everyday Lace by my colleague and friend, Heather Zoppetti.

I love knitting books, and I buy a lot of them. Most of the ones I buy are for reading stories and studying techniques. Every once in a while I find a book that has patterns I want to knit for myself. Heather’s book is one of those. Yes, it has basic lace knitting instructions and tips and it also has a techniques glossary in the back. It has what I consider visual stories in the beautiful photography of rustic scenes and structures that are in the background of the garment photos as well as on their own to add a bit of everyday charm to the book as a whole. These photos remind me of my favorite poem by William Carlos Williams, The Hard Core of Beauty, which begins:


The most marvelous is not
                                       the beauty, deep as that is
but the classic attempt
                                       at beauty,
at the swamp’s center: the
                                      dead-end highway, abandoned
when the new bridge went in finally.
                                      There, either side an entry
from which, burned by the sun,
                                      the paint is peeling–
two potted geraniums.


Heather’s designs are juxtaposed against this “classic attempt at beauty,” and they are truly beautiful in their simplicity and elegance–even though they are casual and meant to be worn every day.

14KN05a_4There are many small projects, like this Akron Cowl as well as socks, hats, and fingerless gloves, which are perfect for learning lace stitches and getting in some practice.

14KN05a_5The all-season sweaters combine lace with plain sections for a very elegant look that won’t overwhelm even newer lace knitters.

The Bellemont Cardigan is my favorite, but I’m also in love with several of the summer sweaters (which I’d wear all year round since I have hot flashes.)

And there’s this Narvon Wrap, which is definitely on my bucket list!

Narvon Wrap

Whether you’re new to lace knitting or an experience lace knitter, this book will give you projects that you’ll enjoy knitting, wearing, and giving as gifts. I hope you’ll take some time to check it out.

And now for those of you following along on the blog tour, here are your scavenger hunt questions:

Which designer inspired the Event Horizon Pi Shawl pattern from Stories In Stitches 2?

Who was the editor of Everyday Lace?

7 thoughts on “Everyday Lace!

  1. Kathleen Ernst says:

    I’m intrigued, although I’m pretty much a perpetual beginner when it comes to lace. But in addition to the gorgeous photos and clear description, I have to love a book that inspired you to include poetry in your review. :>)

  2. Linda Ebers says:

    Oh bummer:::::I FELL IN LOVE with your pattern of the round vest is so beautiful 😍 BUT OMG it’s knitting which I’ve never mastered. It’s not from a lack of trying. I’ve crocheted for 54 years & love it ! !
    NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? ? I don’t even know anyone who knits anymore

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