Ending the Year with Joy

I can’t wait for Nov 15. I am starting my annual Year End Rejuvenation and Business Planning period. I’ve made it into an ecourse so others can join me but this is something I’ve been doing forever.

I started one November when I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I picked up this book because I wanted to write and I wasn’t writing. I intended to find out what was blocking me and start writing science fiction stories or science articles or … I really didn’t know what. I just new I wanted to be a writer. What happened when I read this book, is that I cracked open and starting designing my own knitting projects and writing knitting patterns. Woah! So not what I expected. I thought I’d become and instant genius at writing fiction. Instead, here I was having a blast with yarn and needles and writing technical instructions.

Since that time in the early 2000s, before my first book, The Knitted Rug, was even conceived, I have done an annual year-end at-home retreat where I spend time every day thinking about the coming year in a low-key, relaxing way. I love the holidays–that time in the USA from Thanksgiving in late-November through New Year’s day on the first of January. I don’t care if I spend time with family and friends or have quiet time at home. I don’t care if I go to big parties or family dinners or cook a turkey just for my husband and myself to enjoy. I don’t care if we decorate and listen to Christmas music, or ignore all the traditions and go to the movies. I just love the season and how it feels to me.

This season has become my personal time to reflect, looking back, and to plan, looking forward. Every year I do something a little different, depending on what’s on my mind regarding my business and creative projects. I don’t spend a ton of time on this. Some years I’m busy shopping and decorating and cooking and baking and listening to Christmas music, after all. But I find that just about 15 minutes of slow-down time a day makes all the difference in the world. A cup of tea, a short walk, a doodle in my notebook, making a list. These are the kinds of things I do as I wrap up one year and get ready for the next.

Maybe you’ll join me? I’ve priced this course at a ridiculously low amount because I know we all have so much going on and we are often short of money as well as time this season.

Year End Rejuvenation and Business Planning

Tulips in the Snow


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