17 Jun 2019

This wedding dress was made in 1766 and it survives with its stomacher and trimmings intact. We are lucky that in this case we know something of the making and the ownership of this beautiful garment. The silk is from Nørre Vosborg. The dress was made for the then 24 year old Mette Bagges Kjær for her marriage to the merchant Peder Tang at the Ringkjøbing Church. According to the family’s history , Peder gave his fiancé’ a gift of the silk fabric, along with money meant to purchase jewelry but Mette thought that the fabric was splendid enough and spent the money on silver flatware.
The sad note is that, though the dress was meant to have been reused over the years for other festive occasions, Mette died in the child bed, just less than a year after the wedding.

Collection of the Samlinger National Museum, Denmark.

This dress was made about 60 years after Maria Sibylla Merian died. But during these decades, elaborate embroidery may have been even more popular than it had been during her lifetime.

Embroidery in the 1700s 1


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