I Discovered new yarns in 2011 (#1).

Discover any new yarns in 2011? I did and I’ll tell you about them over the next days. First up, Quince & Co., a new yarn company founded by Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge, features wool yarns in multiple sizes and organic linen. Their wool yarns are, according to their website, “sourced and spun in the US.” The fiber, “comes from Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia-based sheep that roam the ranges of Montana and Wyoming” and is “spun in a New England mill with a venerable history” The yarn weights are named for birds. Wool comes in Finch, Chickadee, Lark, Osprey, Puffin, and Tern, and the linen comes in Sparrow. The colors are what really make the wool yarns stand out to me. All solids, and hughes that are just a little bit offbeat, but classic enough to be versatile. With these colors, you can design and knit brilliant multi-colored garments and accessories. All of the colors go together, so you don’t have to worry about choosing colors that clash. The yarn texture is smooth and shows of texture stitches beautifully as well. If buying yarn without knowing what I’m going to use if for didn’t give me heartburn, I would have stocked up on every color!

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Be sure to visit their website.

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