Dana Stabenow is a tough Alaskan

A very iteresting story of a knitter from Alaska that grew up on a boat. Read more about her story here.


Dana Stabenow is a tough Alaskan 1
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Dana Stabenow was born in Anchorage and raised on 75-foot fish tender in the Gulf of Alaska.  She knew there was a warmer, drier job out there somewhere and found it in writing. Her first science fiction novel, Second Star, sank without a trace (but has since been resurrected as an e-book), her first crime fiction novel, A Cold Day for Murder, won an Edgar award, her first thriller, Blindfold Game, hit the New York Times bestseller list, and her twenty-eighth novel and nineteenth Kate Shugak novel, Restless in the Grave, comes out February 14, 2012.


I was also knitting, also taught at my mother’s knee.  Looking back, I realize now that she must have been terrified that if she didn’t get me interested in something to do inside that I would be outside on deck.

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