Cry, rage, panic, repeat….

Sorry I don’t have any pretty pictures or knitting for you today.

I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks. Crying. Reading the news. Getting pissed off. That’s been my week. The sucker punch of the election results hit me so hard, I probably need a few more days before I can fully begin to think and work again. I so admire all of you who have had to get up, go to work, and put on a smile this week.

emotion-1465151_640The only thing that’s made me smile all week is the photos and videos of thousands and thousands of protestors in New York City, Los Angeles, and so many other places around the country protesting. Not because the Democrats lost and the Republicans won. People are protesting because a message of hate has been legitimized by the now president-elect of the United States. Because a group of old white men who want to take away the rights of people of color, immigrants, and women are in control of our government. Already hate crimes in the name of Trump have begun to spread around the USA. Already women are being harassed because the president-elect said it’s OK to “grab pussy” without consent. Next month one of the biggest KKK groups in the country is holding a parade to celebrate Donald Trump’s win in the election.

This is not my America and I will not accept it. Although I live in rural Vermont and can’t drive to participate in the protests that are going on, I am going to protest every-single-day because I will not sit back quietly and let this become the new normal in the USA.

If you’re a maker, a crafter, a writer, or an artist of any stripe, you can help make a difference now more than ever.

This is a wonderful article by one of the creativity coaches I follow. Definitely worth a read for any of us wondering how we can use our art — writing, knitting, crochet, painting, beading, whatever — for good in the face of so much hate and fear.

It reiterates my own motto of Make, Savor, Share. We need to make. We need to savor for our own sanity and mental health. We need to share to do our part to make the world a little bit better and safer for those around us.

If you want to join in and help, I’ve found a wonderful Facebook Group called Compassionate Craftivists. I didn’t found it but I will be supporting the group and working to help spread compassion and love and resistance against fascism in everything I do. Donald Trump has said that Mexicans coming to the US are rapists and criminals, and we should build a wall to keep them out. He’s said that all Muslims should be banned from immigration, that many immigrants who are here should be herded up and deported, and that women are only worthwhile if they are “10s” (meaning he thinks they are fuckable). All of these things are reprehensible coming from the mouth of any person. They are worse than that coming from the mouth of the next president of the United States of America.

I’ll also be restarting the Government-Free VJJ program in January. (In case you don’t know it, our new vice-president elect is a one-man anti-women’s-rights machine. He thinks condoms are too modern and should not be available to young people, that birth control should not be readily available to any women, and that women will go out and get raped on purpose just so they can enjoy the process of having an abortion. He also thinks conversion therapy is a good way to “cure gays,” who should not be allowed to marry or adopt children. No, this is not a bad joke. This is the America of 2017.)

I’m not quite over my grief, or my disappointment. I don’t think I’ll ever get over my fear as long as these people are in power. But I will get over being paralyzed and I will continually act to fight against what they represent.

Subversive Knitting