Lesson: Crochet Bobbles


I find that its easier and faster to make bobbles with a crochet hook than by knitting back-and-forth on three-or-four stitches in the more conventional bobble. I also like the shape of the crochet bobble better. It is rounder and “puffier” than a conventional bobble.

All of the bobbles on this Berry Aran cardigan were made with a crochet hook.

Because bobbles are usually combined with cables, this adds yet another tool to your lap while youre knitting. I dont use cable needles, so it is not a bother to me. But if you do use cable needles, you may find keeping track of a cable needle and a crochet hook more trouble than its worth. I also knit Continental style – with the working yarn held in my left hand – which makes switching back-and-forth between crochet and knitting easier.

To make a crochet bobble, you make 5 double-crochets in one knitting stitch and slip stitch the first dc to the last before moving it to the right needle. Work up to the point in your knitting where you want a bobble and drop the right needle.

Make the first double crochet as follows:
YO twice.  (Top picture.)

Put the crochet hook through the next stitch on the left needle and pull the working yarn through and let the stitch drop off of the left needle.

(YO, pull the working yarn through two loops on the hook) twice.

Make four more normal double crochets:
YO. Put the hook into the same knit stitch and pull the working yarn through.

(YO, pull the working yarn through two loops on the hook) twice.

Close the bobble with a slip stitch:
Insert the crochet hook into the first double-crochet from back to front. This folds the bobble in half into the bobble shape. (Bottom picture.)

Pull the working yarn through all loops on the hook.

Transfer the stitch to the right needle, and continue knitting normally across the rest of the row.




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  1. I frequently incorporate crochet with knitting – eg it’s much simpler & nicer to crochet afghan squares together instead of seaming them – but listening to various outstanding knitters over the past few years on shows such as Knitty Gritty, Knitting Daily, & Knit & Crochet, plus reading their comments in various books that discuss their fear or inability to learn crochet, it seems that most knitters only knit & most crocheters only crochet!

  2. Cool idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You can take a look at this video to see if this helps. Found it on YouTube.com. Perhaps we can make a video of this in the near future. Great idea.


  4. Hola!!! can you post a video about how to knit/crochet this.
    thank you !! Gracias.

  5. What a great idea! I prefer the look of crochet bobbles but it never crossed my mind to use them in a knit garment…(why didn’t I think of that???)… This opens up a lot of possibilities in the crochet/knit mix! My mind is racing! :-)

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