Creative Travel Highlights

Creative Travel Highlights

Creative Travel Highlights 1

Art glass in Rome

About a week after we got home, I went through my photos and sent a handful of my favorites to be printed at Walgreens. I pasted them, together with some post cards I purchased at places where taking photos was forbidden, into a special photo-essay album. Every day or so, I’m going to the next page and writing about my memories of the place we were visiting when those photos were taken, and the feelings that I had being there, and the feelings and ideas that these photos and memories bring out in me now. It’s a wonderful experience, keeping the trip alive even after it’s over, and I believe it’s helping me with the transition to being home again. This book is very personal and it’s for my eyes only, which makes it very freeing putting it together and letting myself write about anything and everything.

I’m thinking about doing a second photo-essay book focusing on the public side, with photos of all the fabulous sheep and knitting and fiber arts things I saw along the way, as well as other things that inspired me creatively. I went to museums, concerts, street fairs, yarn shops, and fashion boutiques in every country and city we visited. I took a bead knitting class in Vilnius. I taught lace knitting in Scotland. I went to a huge fiber arts festival in England. I hit street fairs and markets in Lithuania. I went window shopping in Rome. I explored museums and artist studios in Amsterdam. I spent the day painting with friends in Brittany. Would you be interested in seeing that story published as an ebook?

Creative Travel Highlights 2

Painting day in Brittany

One goal I have for next year, is to make sure I take the time to find creative inspiration wherever I am, even if that’s at home. I hope I’ve learned enough on my travels to use those lessons at home as well as when I’m on the road.

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