Craft Cruises with Donna Druchunas

Join me on my next cruise in May of 2012 in Alaska.  Musk Ox & Denali tour.

Go to and sign up TODAY. Be sure to use code #R0901-U21615

Come join Craft Cruises on our most popular knitting trip – Musk Ox & Glaciers! Join fellow knitters along with knitting expert Beth Brown-Reinsel and Donna Druchunas, author of “Arctic Lace – A book of patterns and stories of native Alaska knitters” on this Alaskan knitting adventure.

This is the best way to experience Alaska. Flying to Anchorage enables you to explore the interior, meet some of the friendliest locals on earth and experience the magnificence of this great land. This custom designed cruisetour allows you to explore Alaska’s most beautiful scenic areas, learn about musk ox and cruise to some of Alaska’s quaintest ports of call. You will meet friendly local knitters and fiber producers along the way, learn about the qiviut industry. Qiviut is the fluffy and warm undercoat of Musk Ox. This luxury fiber is spun and knit into intricate hand knit items of all sorts.

Our Alaska adventure begins in Anchorage where we’ll offer an optional 4-5 night fiber tour and visit to Denali National Park. A knitting trip to Alaska would not be complete without learning more about Qiviut and the role it plays in Inuit culture. Nor would it be complete without the inspiration of Alaska’s most dramatic landscape, Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park.

Visiting the Oomingmak Cooperative and the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer will give greater insight into an indigenous culture making a better world for themselves through fiber arts. The Alaskan knitters of rural coastal villages are knitting beautiful one-of-a-kind garments out of luxurious Qiviut. This luxury fiber is the undercoat of the arctic Muskox which lives in the tundra regions of the arctic. The undercoat of the Muskox and is prized for its softness, warmth and loft. It is eight times softer than wool and does not shrink or felt.

Meeting the local Alaskan knitters, visiting Denali and the Musk Ox Farm combined with cruising during the spring eagle migration along with these two wonderful instructors will make this an Alaskan knitting cruise to remember.

Go to and sign up TODAY. Be sure to use code #R0901-U21615

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