Year End Rejuvenation & Business Plan 2017

Year End Rejuvenation & Business Plan 2017 3
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Ever since I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron–before I had my own business or started life as a freelancer–I have taken the last five weeks of the year to renew my energy and plan my next year.

This is my way of rebelling against the anxiety and stress of the holidays and against the Puritan work ethic that tells us  “idle hands are the devil's workshop” and makes us believe if we're not busy all the time, then we are lazy and we will end up broke, homeless, and unloved. “Poppycock” is what I have to say to that!

I'd like to invite you to join me to break the cycle of anxiety and busyness and experience your own year-end renewal. Live with peace in the season that we should spend relaxed, cocooning in a warm blanket.

Each Sunday, we will have a reading and mediation to start the week off, then we will work through an exercise each day to help us work through the week's lesson material. All this should take about 15 or 20 minutes per day, and at the end of the week, you'll get a day off!

Year End Rejuvenation & Business Plan 2017 4
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  • Week 1: Welcome. Get settled, learn about the classroom, and gather your tools and materials.
  • Week 2: Look Back and Celebrate. Record this year's accomplishments and celebrate your successes.
  • Week 3: Romance your Business. What is your vision for your business? How will your business both reflect you and nurture you?
  • Week 4: Connect with Customers. How will you reach out to potential  customers, and grow your following and your list?
  • Week 5: Plan for Peaceful Profit. What products and services will you offer? When will you offer them? How much will it cost? How much will you make?
  • Week 6: Look Forward and Prepare. What will your new year look like? Create your budget, calendar, and action plan.

If any class day falls on a holiday, skip it and don't even think about feeling guilty. Reschedule the day's task for the scheduled “off day” that week or–gasp!–skip it entirely!

Year End Rejuvenation & Business Plan 2017 5
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The holidays don't have to kill you and sap all of your energy and joy, and neither does your business. You started your business to have fun, be free, and make money. You don't have to sacrifice any of these goals.

Make a living and a life that you love.

Your course never expires and you can come back anytime to review or finish your course. Estimated time to finish is 60 days. This is a one time fee course and is not recurring.


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Estimated Time: 60 days

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Donna Druchunas Donna Druchunas Mentor, Teacher, Author

An entrepreneur for over 15yrs, I've dabbled in all kinds of businesses. From self publishing, knit design, website sales, teaching, mentoring, and more. I love to see other people succeed in whatever their endeavor may be. I'll be able to give you a jumpstart to start your business, start a hobby, website, and make you a success in the craft industry. This is my business and it supports me, my husband, three cats, living in a large farmhouse in Vermont USA.

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What Others Have Said

  1. Kelly Inselmann says:

    I found the imagining your ideal business day to be easier after doing the mind map. I’m feeling more grounded in being realistic about what it helps me accomplish things. I’m looking forward to prioritizing and planning and not getting over ambitious about planning things I don’t actually see being fun week to week.

  2. Darlene Fackleman says:

    The exercises this week confirmed I am doing the right thing! Interestingly, though, the drink and daydream exercise identified an area for me where I am kind of stuck (identifying all the services I will,provide). This is a good thing, though! I know where I have to spend some more time researching and soul searching.

  3. This week was GREAT for me! I really enjoyed looking back at 2015. I knew my business had grown tremendously, but it was really affirming to be specific about that. Yes, there were things I had forgotten about, and it was good to record them. I did not share my list of accomplishments with anyone, but I realized I need to do good solid updates of my Tate Communications website and of my LinkedIn profile. Maybe I’ll do that after I finish the big meeting I am helping to put on in Oakland December 8-11.

  4. Jessica Anderson says:

    I enjoyed looking back of the year and doing it with a new perspective (what can I learn from xyz that didn’t pan out? what can I change? What do I want to change?). I had forgotten some of the stuff that I had accomplished (which was a bit surprising because at the time, they were HUGE deals) and realized that the really good stuff is still to come (accepted pieces that will be published next year!). It’s been a good year- busy, but balanced. I took some time to enjoy, and just do nothing- which was also good, and a change for me, but I feel more productive after doing that.

  5. It was good to look back over the year and review some things I’d forgotten that were accomplishments. AND to see that there really wasn’t anything I was disappointed by. I think I went into 2015 without much of a plan so there was little to get disappointed with not completing. I made big strides in things that were brand new to me and made some pretty big lifestyle changes that have improved my life and business.

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