The Knitted Rug: Amish Oval Rug

6 hours (one 6-hour session or two 3-hour sessions)

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Students? You can download the Knitted Rug eBook from this site if you are interested in making knitted rugs. Want the PATTERN? Click here

Rugs provide a stress-free way to learn to knit. Even if you only know how to cast on and do the knit stitch, you can create stylish and functional rugs for your home. Since rugs are simple shapes, there are no armholes or necklines to shape, no buttonholes to remember, and no constant measuring to ensure proper fit. You can use your precious knitting to slow down and let your hands memorize the motions. Knitted rugs also provide a perfect palette for exploring creativity, experimenting with new types of yarns, and creating pieces of knitted art. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can create truly beautiful works-of-art while learning new skills.

In this class, we will learn to make an oval knitted rug inspired by Early American braided rugs. Made from old rags, these early rugs represent frugality and parsimony, but their flamboyant colors speak of a love for beauty. This rug, made of alternating Garter and Stockinette Stitch strips, gives you the chance to bring the classic braided look into your own home.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
Materials and supplies needed for rug knitting
Selecting and arranging colors
Designing and knitting the rug center
Designing and knitting the rug strips
Seaming techniques
Edging options

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Easy+ level. Students need to know to knit and purl, cast-on and bind-off, and have experience making 2-3 projects.
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short overview

Morning / Session 1
Review shapes for garter stitch rugs
Learn different techniques for knitting centers on oval and round rugs
Knit the center for a rug

Afternoon / Session 2
Review questions
Learn how to make sure a rug will lie flat
Learn to knit strips with and without short-row shaping
Go over options for sewing seams, edging, and embellishing rugs
Begin knitting the strips for the rug

Size 10 1/2 straight or double-pointed needles
5 skeins of Brown Sheep’s Burly Spun yarn, 1 skein color A, 2 skeins color B, 3 skeins color C or equivalent yarn
Basic knitting tools

Handouts and pattern will be provided

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