Professional Finishing Techniques Class


Experience: All skill levels, basic knitting skills required.


  • 1 pair of single-pointed knitting needles in the size you used for your
  • 1 set of double-pointed knitting needles in the size you used for your 
  • contrasting, worsted weight, yarn
  • crochet hook in the same size you used for your swatches (or close)
  • yarn or tapestry needles large enough to accommodate your yarn
  • plastic seaming pins
  • basic knitting toolkit


In this workshop you use swatches to learn, and practice, different types of seams, bind-offs, and edge finishes and which are best suited for different types of knit projects. Button Bands, buttonholes, picking up stitches, I-cord bind-off, 3-needle bind off, and crocheted seams and edges will all be covered.

HOMEWORK: Students should bring 6 swatches to class. Do not bind off your swatches, but place them on stitch holders or spare needles. We will use them to learn new bind-off techniques. They should be knit from a worsted weight yarn and should measure at least 4″ inches X 4″ inches. You will need two swatches each knit in Garter Stitch, Stockinette Stitch, and Seed Stitch.

Shop owners? Guilds? Please contact me to find out prices and schedule.