Design a Norwegian Sweater

12 hours (two 6-hour sessions)

If you’ve always wanted to design your own sweater but you didn’t know where to start, this workshop is your answer! Using the techniques I developed for my book Ethnic Knitting Discovery, we’ll work through the preparations required to plan and design a sweater. We’ll make a headband as a sample project to step through the process, and you’ll be ready to cast on for your sweater after the class is over.

For the advanced-beginner to intermediate knitter.

Class Overview
Day 1
Get Ready
Choosing yarns
Working with multiple colors
Deciding what size needle to use
Get Set
Selecting your stitch patterns
Choosing a size
Making a headband gauge swatch (can be finished overnight or on Day 2)

Day 2
The numbers you’ll need for knitting
The visual plan
The planning worksheet
The step-by-step project sheet

If you already have the yarn and needles to make a colorwork sweater, bring them. Otherwise we’ll shop as part of the first class day. In addition to yarn and needles, you’ll also need stitch markers, a pencil and eraser, a calculator (optional), and a sense of adventure! If you have other books on Norwegian knitting bring them along, because you might decide to use charts from those books as well as the ones provided.

I will provide handouts, colored pencils, and graph paper.

Shop owners? Guilds? Please contact me to find out prices and schedule.