Bosnian Toe-Up Colorwork Socks (hands-on workshop)



25 students max

Materials: 3-4 balls of sock yarn in different colors, set of 5 appropriately sized double-pointed needles, a crochet hook of the same size, basic knitting toolkit

Experience: Intermediate, need to know how to knit with double-pointed needles, and have made at least 1 pair of socks (or 1 Christmas stocking)


In this class we will learn how to work with multiple colors in a row without tangling the yarns or having long strands, using the technique that has been used traditionally in the Balkans and the Andes, and is similar to the Portuguese style of knitting. In this technique, we will tension the yarn around our necks and learn how to work stockinette stitch from the wrong-side in circular knitting, with a purl stitch that will give you the most even colorwork tension you’ve ever seen. We will also learn how to make a fascinating Bosnian toe-up sock that has a rectangular toe that is knitted flat, but without purls! The rest of the sock is knitted in-the-round with an “after thought” short-row heel and decorative crochet finishing. I have several examples of hand-knit Bosnian slipper socks that we will examine closely.

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