Charting my New Course

I’ve joined a new writing group, the Writing Den, and I’m using this group to help me focus my work and be more consistent with blogging and sharing my writing.

I write a lot in my paper journals, and I end up leaving the words in sloppy handwriting inside the pages instead of polishing them and sharing them with you. It’s my intention to start blogging regularly again, and to share my writing (and art) in more different places starting now. (Why procrastinate?)

These are some questions we were asked to consider in the group as we begin to define the areas we want to write about. Of course knitting is on the top of my list. But I’ve always been interested in more than just making pretty things. I want to use knitting to share stories, connect people, appreciate other cultures, and to promote social justice.

Here’s another mini interview with myself. What do you think? What would you like to see me write about more?

Q: What areas are you really curious about exploring in more depth for the next year or more?

A: I want to continue exploring storytelling and also to infuse all of my work with more meaning by promoting and supporting social justice with my words, stitches, and art. I will be exploring how knitting can be used to make political statements and how making things by hand and hand-made objects can be used for activism and to protest against injustice. I want to explore how to help people make activism part of our lives and work without spending all of our time being angry or depressed about current events and politics.

Q: What areas do you know something about borne from your experience, skill set, or research?

A: I’ve known how to knit since I was a little girl, I’ve loved learning about science, and I’ve been passionate about social justice and protecting the environment for as long as I can remember. Of course, I’ve learned many other things about business, art, and who knows what over the five and a half decades of my life, but it’s the things that interested me when I was a child that are the core of who I am. These are the things I have been returning to more and more in my adult life.

my focus CIAs

Q: What questions have puzzled you perhaps for a long time? Maybe some variation of one of these questions has lingered with you since childhood or teenagedom.

A: Are all people really equal? Does good really prevail over evil? Does might make right? Does the end justified the means? I have wondered about these things for all of my adult life. When I was a child and teenager, I assumed that the answers I learned from my parents and teachers — we are all created equal, love trumps hate, might does not make right, the end doesn’t justify the means — were true. Now I realize that although these answers are desirable, they don’t always reflect reality. Why can’t we create a system where egalitarianism is the rule, the norm? Why do some people have to have everything while others have nothing? Why do some people get to rule over others? Is there a way to overcome bullying without becoming a bully?

Q: What areas are directly related to where you envision yourself working within the next year?

A: I will definitely be more political in my personal life and in my work in 2017. I am going to begin the year by participating in the Women’s March on Trump Tower in NYC on January 21st, and I will be regularly blogging about Knitting as a Political Act.


Subversive Knitting
  1. WOW!! You have posed some really good questions for yourself! And in turn for the rest of us as well. Hope you don’t mind, I’ve written some in my journal to give more thought to. And your question about bullying, I intend to bring up every chance I get – with my children, grands and knit friends.

    Happy New Year!

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