Charity knitting blog

Welcome to my new blog, Knitting for Change.

  • Discussion: Building a Knitting Community. Knitters have a unique chance to build community and foster collaboration and friendship through our craft. This essay looks into the possibilities for using our needles and yarn toward those goals.
  • Knitting Lesson 1: The Knit Stitch. In this lesson you will learn how to get stitches on the needles, knit garter stitch, and bind off the stitches when you are finished. This is all you need to make this month’s projects.
  • Pattern: Garter Stitch Scarf and Origami Hat. This scarf and hat set is easy enough for brand new knitters, and the selection of yarns I’ve used will let knitters of all skill levels enjoy the feeling of the fibers flowing as the simple, meditative stitch progresses.
  • Links: Ideas for Charity Knitting. Every month I will post a few links to interesting sites to give you ideas for how you can knit for change. This month, I’ve included some national and international sites that accept donations of hand-knit items.

I’m working on an intarsia felted purse for next month, to give advanced knitters something more challenging to work on while those of you who are new knitters finish up your scarves and hats.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to share the patterns, lessons, and other materials with others. You may hand out printed versions if you have a knitting circle, but please include my name and web address on the copies.

Click here to view the full blog.  About three years worth of blog postings.


Donna Druchunas