LLAP: Leonard Nimoy, I will miss you

In memory of Leonard Nimoy, who died today at 83 and who did live long and prosper, I would like to repost an article I wrote quite some time ago for Skepchick.com Why I am not a Skeptic If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, where do skeptics come from? Some would.. read more →

Thoughts on Islamic Art and Knitting

What Do You See in a Circle? Here are some of my thoughts that didn’t make it into Stories In Stitches 4. I wanted to make this into a longer essay, but I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts in a more structured way, so I decided not to include this as an essay. For a.. read more →

Story time with Donna — Grandpa’s Kitchen

Grandpa’s Kitchen Find out more about the creative genius of my family members as we enter the kitchen of a tiny Queens apartment in the middle of the 20th century.   To learn more about my family story, check out Stories In Stitches books 1 and 3. In book 1, I wrote about learning to.. read more →

The DNA of families and socks

I’m writing an essay about DNA and sock techniques — how you can learn about history and culture from looking at the way a traditional sock has been made. I started this essay as an exploration of the history of cuff-down and toe-up socks and it has turned into so much more. It’s got bits.. read more →

Finding Meaning in Things

We were folk who told the stories and held on to the object, until the objects embodied the stories. Thus the distant past, the immigrant past, for me is as close as yesterday, as close as the things as the shelf, as close as the shelf itself.   As for themselves, the grandmothers chose what.. read more →

Blessed are the peace-knitters

War ends the values and traditions that produce [handmade] treasures. Nothing is maintained. Cultures that may seem as durable as stone can break like glass, leaving all the things that held them together unattended. I believe that the craftsman, the artist, the cook, and the silversmith are peacemakers. They install grace; they lull the world.. read more →

Praying with our hands (as we knit)

The hand actually defines us in many ways. When you think about what makes our species unique and special, it’s having thoughts and being able to make those thoughts real. And the way our thoughts become real is through use of our hands to build things, to make things. — Neil Shubin, Your Inner Fish (PBS) When.. read more →

Can knitting change the world?

Inescapably, we are beings for whom objects have spiritual weight. Once an object is made, it becomes a physical fact of the universe, essentially unchanging in the scale of human time. –Peter Korn, Why we Make things and Why it Matters I believe that the simple act of knitting can change thew world. Not just knitting, but.. read more →

Repeating patterns

In Stories In Stitches 4, my designs feature repeating geometric patterns inspired by Islamic art. I find the repetition in knitting these motifs to be meditative and relaxing. Here are some thoughts in repeating patterns from my journal: Is something a pattern if it doesn’t repeat? There are so many kinds of repeating patterns: Patterns.. read more →

Sacred writing zone…

I haven’t been blogging regularly, which really isn’t anything new. I blogged almost every day from 2003 to 2011 and then slowed down quite a bit and thought about closing my blog but decided, “Heck, it’s my blog. I can post as sporadically as I want to.” So there you have it. Writing is an.. read more →