Being Real

Sometimes I post bitter rants on Twitter and Facebook and then I feel like I shouldn’t have and that I’m going to lose business because of it and that I don’t want my “brand” to be tarnished by crabbiness. But you know what? My brand is me. And I am a real person. Sometimes I’m in.. read more →

Finding My Roots through Knitting

My newest project is tentatively titled, “Finding My Roots through Knitting” and it’s going to be some kind of book with a companion pattern collection inspired by the women in my family tree. Yeah, that’s all I know so far. I just finished filling an entire journal with notes and sketches circling around the concept of.. read more →

What’s next?

That’s the question that’s always on my mind. I have three books coming out this fall, which is, quite frankly, insane. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way but sometimes things have a way of happening how they want to instead of how I want them to. Now that those three books are done, my.. read more →

Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks by Laura Farson

Wow, I just learned two new ways to work socks from the book Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks by Laura Farson. read more →

Knitting Books for the World

I’m reading two books right now: The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China by Huan Hsu In the Footsteps of Sheep: Tales of a Journey Through Scotland, Walking, Spinning, and Knitting Socks by Debbie Zawinski I have two trains of thought to post about. First, the former book is about porcelain and the history.. read more →

The Granny Witches

I love this! — Send out your magic. Don’t be the last of your kind. We are the daughters of the Celts and the offspring of Druids and medieval mavens and the natives of the old world craft. And yes, God knows your name. Tell your tales and bewitch history, just like the mother mountains.. read more →

Stories In Stitches 5 Civil War Knitting

Stories In Stitches 5 pre-orders are now open! Check out this first volume in our series about Civil War era knitting in the USA. -Donna- SPEAK OUT! Until relatively recently in the history of humans, women were treated, and expected to behave, like their children: be seen but not heard. Historically women have been.. read more →

To knit or to crochet? Is that even a question?

To knit or to crochet? Is that even a question? read more →

Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter Knitting for social justice is nothing new to those of us who have been around the block a few times. From knitting socks helmet liners for the troops in WWI and WWII to yarn bombing in city squares, we knitters have always found ways to use our craft to make a statement. After the.. read more →

Recycling My Idealism

Can I ever feel as good as I did in the 1970s when I made my mom get rid of all the aerosol cans in the house? Can I ever be naive and hopeful and optimistic again? Is there a perfect yarn that is earth friendly, beautiful, and fun to knit with? Can I find.. read more →