Edible Memories: Food, Longing, and Adventure

This is the beginning of something that I am tentatively calling “Time Travel to Charnow’s Deli.”   ***   I’m longing for an adventure. In the kitchen I can travel to my childhood, but I want to go beyond that. I want to eat in my great-great grandmother Tzivia’s kitchen, I wan to shop in.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food and Laughter

When I was a teenager, we had a mixed-race household. My mother’s best friend and her daughters moved in with us for a few years. There were two mothers and four adolescent girls. Three pale-skinned, stringy haired honkeys and three brown-skinned, nappy haired sistas. We girls liked to chant. Driving during the holiday season: (each.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Generosity

My love of old houses, all things antique, floral print cotton blouses, home-made strawberry jam, refrigerator dills, and ridiculously large kitchen gardens all came from Aunt Phebe.   Aunt Phebe wasn’t really our aunt at all. We knew her first as Mrs. Downs, the school nurse at Norwood Avenue Elementary School, where I went to.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Children

I hopped down the steps of the school bus and ran toward home without saying goodbye to my friends. As I climbed the concreted steps to the front door, I breathed in deeply. Cigarette smoke. Grandma was here! Grandma Druchunas–we always identified our grandparents by last name–would be watching her stories about this time. One.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Freedom

I’m 53. I should be able to eat whatever I want. No more rules from mom, the cafeteria ladies, or the school nurse. If I want ice cream for lunch, why can’t I have it? So here I am, 2 weeks after my first colonoscopy, having had 4 polyps removed from my colon, eating eggnog.. read more →

Edible Memories: Food & Love

Morning Dominic gets up early, before me almost every day. He starts the coffee and feeds the cats. He empties the dishwasher and cleans up last night’s dishes. Most days he takes his coffee into the living room, starts up his computer, and catches up on the news. But on the best Sundays of the.. read more →

Edible Memories: Comfort Food

I’m participating in a little writing course called “Edible Memories” for the first two weeks of December and I’ve decided to do some sketching in my journal along with the writing. I’m going to share some of my writing and sketches with you. Enjoy.   Comfort Food I can tell you one thing about comfort food for.. read more →

Lebanon on my Mind

I’m reading a lovely article in AramcoWorld that is comprised of stories author/artist Helen Zughaib’s father told her about growing up in Lebanon. Two of my all-time favorite books are about life in Lebanon as well. On top of being great stories and very well-written and enjoyable reads, these books speak to me of the.. read more →

Alaska on my Mind

I just got back from another trip to Alaska, my sixth. This time I spent a wonderful weekend teaching at the Seaside Yarns’ Mermaid Retreat. Here are a few thoughts from my journal. There is no time in Alaska. There are only seasons — darkness for winter, light for summer. The cycle of life is.. read more →

Ending the Year with Joy

I can’t wait for Nov 15. I am starting my annual Year End Rejuvenation and Business Planning period. I’ve made it into an ecourse so others can join me but this is something I’ve been doing forever. I started one November when I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I picked up this book because.. read more →