Fear the Bear

I’ve been visited recently by a houseguest I haven’t heard from since the 1970s, when I lived on Long Island and slept in my childhood bedroom. On summer nights when the windows were open, I would lie awake and imagine I heard Soviet troops marching up the hill from the harbor to our town. In.. read more →

Think Globally, Act Locally

This is a letter is to my American followers, and to my fellow Vermonters. Think Globally, Act Locally. That’s an old saying, but it applies today as much as ever. In my past several posts I’ve written about things I’m planning to do, and what I hope I can inspire some of you to do–on.. read more →

One Way Ticket

I’m doing a little writing class this month and writing to the prompts on top of paintings in my sketchbook. Here is today’s mini essay. My great grandparents came to the USA on one way tickets. Europe to America, never to return. Running from pogroms and Russification, they left Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Perhaps being.. read more →

In the Company of Women

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. It’s time to start doing morning pages again–putting down three pages of my first thoughts onto paper every morning before doing anything else. I need to get the stuff in my head out and, for me, that requires words. Although I’ve been drawing a lot lately too, and I.. read more →

Making a Living as a Knitting Designer

I’m in the process of revamping my knitting design business for about the third or fourth time. Unless you get a full-time job at a big yarn company or publisher, making a living with knitting is not a simple job. It’s a complex freelance career that requires wearing a lot of different hats (which is a good thing,.. read more →

New classes for designers and writers

I often wonder what the world would be like if every adult was as creative and free as we all were as kids. I think it would be calmer, lovelier, more peaceful place. And I’d like to do something about it.  —Danny Gregory I’ve been taking a lot of online classes and reading a lot.. read more →

What the heck do I want to do?

I keep thinking about what I want to do as an artist moving forward in my business. I don’t want to travel a conventional path to a career as a graphic designer, illustrator, or artist. I rejected that career path when I was about half of my current age, even before I started working as.. read more →

Black Lives Matter

This is the introduction to Stories In Stitches book 6, which should be going to the printer in about two weeks. I can’t wait for the book to come out to share this. So here it is. I hope it speaks to you. “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who.. read more →

Top 10 Books of My Life

What books have been your favorites or have influenced you most in your life. I decide to make a list of ten this morning. If I made this list on a different day, a few of the choices would probably be different. Paring it down to ten was hard.   In the order they came to.. read more →

Suffrage In Stitches, a New Old Story

A Guest Post by Katherine Durack It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I attended Donna’s Birth Your Knitting Book writing retreat in Montgomery, Vermont. A lot has happened since then: My article on the 1900 National Suffrage Fair was published in PieceWork magazine, along with patterns for the Sunflower Suffrage Shawl and A Suffrage-Fair Washcloth. Another.. read more →