California Revival Knits

or I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date Yesterday morning, driving through the Vermont countryside, I completely forgot that it was my day to post a review of California Revival Knits by Stephannie Tallent, AKA @StephCat on Twitter. I was tempted to toss off a quick review on my iPad and upload it from the airport,.. read more →

Lithuanian Knitting book update

Well, I’ve been hiding away working all month and the Lithuanian book is closer than ever to becoming a book. read more →

Are you a writer? Then you need to watch this video.

Patrick Rothfuss, the author of “The Name of the Wind” video interview. If your a writer and need inspiration, then you should watch this video. read more →

What do you love?

Here are two semi-related notes about things I love. I hope it gets you thinking about what you love and that you’ll spend time indulging those passions this summer. I love making things, traveling, learning, and teaching. And for me, these all come together in my love of books. I have a confession to make:.. read more →

My publisher: Nomad press

Be sure to check out Deb Robson’s blog. Publisher of Arctic Lace and Ethnic knitting books. She just returned from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I love the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Some time I need to look back in my records and see which was the year I first attended, after Linda Berry.. read more →

Adventures in Writing and Blogging

Hi all. I’m popping up from my writing for a few minutes. My Lithuanian book is to the point where I am doing the final assembly of the manuscript and keying images to the text, then I send it all to my editor. I’ve never finished a book without starting the next one already. But.. read more →


I haven’t written a long, rambling blog post in quite a while. I’ve just been so busy! And I post short notes and pictures on Facebook and Twitter every day so no-one will be wondering if I’m dead. But today I just feel like rambling. I’ve noticed over the past several months that my work.. read more →

Symbols in Lithuanian Knitting (part 2)

To continue talking about the Stitch Library chapter I’m working on for my book on Lithuanian knitting, I’d like to start with a short overview of symbolism, in general. Folklore and spirituality, or religion, have been tied tightly to the symbols used in weaving in Lithuania, as well as in other forms of folk art, since.. read more →

* Getting Serious About Deadlines *

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I’m on deadline. Yep. I’m working my ass off on a deadline for my day job next Tuesday, a translation job that’s due at the end of March, and then I am going off the grid to complete my new book by April 30th. I.. read more →

How a book takes shape.

How a book takes shape. It’s an iterative process that feels like forming clay into pottery to me. Only a writer needs to make her own clay – the rough draft – out of thin air before she can go to the wheel. It’s a kind of witchcraft, isn’t it? read more →