Gathering up ideas

No matter when you start writing about something, it will take you longer than you think it will. read more →

Random thoughts

I am taking the day off. I am sitting on the couch with the windows open drinking coffee and, basically, doing nothing but thinking. So I figure, why not capture some thoughts and see what happens? What’s on my mind is the phrase “beautifully decrepit” that I mentioned in another recent post. I’m thinking about.. read more →

Money: Seeing Green

Do you feel envious of people who have more money than you do? Do you struggle to “keep up with the Joneses”? Do you feel embarrassed by your too-old car or too-small house that is sorely in need of remodeling? Well, don’t! I’ve gone through different phases in my relationship with money: When I was young, I went to.. read more →

Travel the World of Knitting App by Donna Druchunas

This ground-breaking app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch brings together a wide range of designs by Donna Druchunas based on her travels and historical research. These favorite patterns are pulled from her published books with some previously only available in paper form, as well as some original patterns never-before-released. The patterns are inspired by her travels around the globe investigating local knitting techniques and researching the history of knitting. read more →

I live in a snow globe,

and I love it! Yes, it took me twice as long as normal to get home from my manicure, yes I was driving 45mph on the interstate, yes I skidded a little, yes I have to wear fur-lined boots to keep my feet warm. And, yes, I love all of that!   Tomorrow I am leaving.. read more →

Back to Blogging?

I keep hoping to get back to blogging. I’m going to try two things next month: First, I’ve signed up for a month-long Free Write Fling with my friend and coach Cynthia Morris, where I will spend 15 minutes going gangbusters writing every day in March. I usually do this in my notebook but for.. read more →

The next book, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions.

The next book, Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions. read more →

Launching 1000 Books

Please join me as I talk with Tara R. Alemany about her new book about marketing for authors. read more →

From here I see…

@THISISVT: Okay, here’s a good one: how does living in #Vermont make you a better person? I’m calmer. More appreciative. You? #VT What I like best here — so far, since I’ve only been her for two months — is that there is no showing off, no keeping up with the Joneses. I’m free to.. read more →

Dreaming of Alaska

Today, I’m planning a couple of surprise bonuses for the Arctic Lace Luxury Yarn Club members! One will be something hand made in Alaska from the Quilted Raven yarn & fabric shop in Anchorage. If you’ve never been there, you don’t know what you’re missing. But you can see a lot on their website. Sensational.. read more →