A Recipe from Grandma

When you know the person who gave you a recipe, be it for baking cookies or knitting a sweater, you don’t need all the details written down. What the prevalence of line-by-line, hand-holding knitting patterns tells me, is the sad story that we aren’t passing down our skills from grandmother to mother to daughter any.. read more →

The Guardians’s Poem about Musk Oxen

The Guardian’s Poem of the Week is about musk oxen. And there’s an interesting article, too! read more →

A Personal Christmas Story

  Mom was folding laundry on the bed. I was pairing up socks, rolling each pair into a tight, little ball, and folding one cuff over on the outside to make a neat package.  “Don’t be disappointed,” she said, “but you won’t be getting much for Christmas this year.” “How do you know?” I asked… read more →

Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues

I’ve got another book to tell you about today. This one’s about skill building and style. The book is “Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues” by Audrey Knight. read more →

History and Knitting: Rohn Strong shares my two loves!

My friend Rohn Strong has written a book about knitting in WWI and WWII. The book includes historical essays, personal stories, and 19 gorgeous patterns. Here Rohn and I talk about the book, knitting, and history (what else!). Enjoy. read more →

To chart or not to chart?

You’ll find a lot of information about charting in Stories In Stitches™ 1 and 2, but not a dogmatic attachment to charts. Why is that? To be honest, I (Donna) do have a pretty dogmatic attachment to charts. But Ava does not, and she most often knits from vintage patterns that were written out in line-by-line text without any charts, sometimes without even a picture of the finished object! read more →

A self published knitting book comes together

Taking the photographs for a knitting book is as important as making the samples and doing the writing. For Stories In Stitches™ 2, we had three different locations. The Anna Marie Jensen shawls and doilies were shot in Colorado by Ava’s husband, Rich. The cardigan and pi shawl featuring Dorothy Reade’s motifs were shot in.. read more →

Two: Part 2

All dichotomies are false. There I’ve said it.   I was already thinking about the number two yesterday, when I stumbled onto this tweet: Young vs. old, male vs. female, intuition vs. intellect – Susan Sontag on how stereotypes and polarities imprison us j.mp/18iK65H  Which leads to: Two Reasons I Don’t Care if Men Knit  1.. read more →

2 (two)

I don’t like the number two. 2. It looks like such an innocuous, even innocent, number. But looks can be deceiving. I’ve recently gained enough weight for the number I see when I look down while I’m standing on the bathroom scale to begin with a two. I’ve never weighed 200 pounds before. I’ve always.. read more →

How to read a knitting book

Finally, it was clear that… I wasn’t going to knit three projects from each knitting book I bought before buying another, but I was going to be learning a lot from each book. read more →