Is getting old a drag?

Best parts of being older (I’m 52). I hope that many of you share these traits and accomplishments with me. 1. You know yourself, your likes and dislikes, your style, your preferences. 2. You don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks about you. 3. You often have the money and freedom to do what.. read more →

Serendipity: A Poem

Serendipity: I wouldn’t have bought The Writer’s Chronicle magazine to read “Je Suis Ein Americano: The Genius of American Diction” if I hadn’t: Come to North Carolina to visit my sister, stayed at Comfort Inn in Raleigh to teach at Great Yarns, gone to Barnes and Noble to get a cup of coffee, spotted Beatrix Potter’s Gardening.. read more →

Exploring Our Heritage Through Knitting

More Stories In Stitches 3 spoilers anyone? I’ll be telling you more about my ancestry and how knitting is so important in my family history. This is my ancestry breakdown from, where I sent a DNA sample to be tested. No big surprises here for me, because I knew where all of my great.. read more →

We all write crap sometimes

  I was going through my free writing exercises to pick one or two to read in our workshop today and I decided that I really need to share a free write that came out like crap. Because not everything we write, especially in free writing and early drafts, comes out the way we want.. read more →

Not (Just) About Patterns

  An unapologetically long post about how knitting books can change the world, if knitting designer/authors have the balls to take it up a notch.   The best knitting books are not about having patterns for projects you want to make. The best knitting authors may start out by creating books of patterns and techniques,.. read more →

Fashion, knitting, and saving the world

  (Photos are from my WTF Pinterest board.) To take the last post about being buried alive in stuff a step further, and to talk about clothing, I’d like to start with a poem. Below that, some further thoughts on making our own clothes and how that may just be the key to saving the world… read more →

Buried Alive in Stuff

  I’m working on a fictional story that is partially a fairy tale and partially a dystopian sci-fi story. I’m not sure which way it will go as I continue working on it, but the premise is this:   People stop making things. Things start accumulating faster than ever. The earth gets buried alive in.. read more →

Let us…

I am doing a “free write fling” course this month, where you get a prompt every day and write for 15 minutes without editing. This is what I wrote this morning. This is why I write and knit and design and share my work. I have been struggling with the darkness in the world a.. read more →

Immortal Memory

My grandmother, Ruth Tolen, taught me how to knit, and although she is gone, I believe that she is with me through all of the stitches that she knit and through the stitches that I knit today. Here’s an excerpt from Stories In Stitches 1, in which I talk about my story of learning to.. read more →

TNNA San Diego, Here we Come!!!

It’s that time of year again where the knitting industry get’s together and shows off their ideas at the popular trade show.
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